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Life happens fast and it can be hard to keep up with constant stress. No matter where we are on Earth, we are all human and we have questions. The rich images make the Tarot perfect for this pursuit. I like to think of a pack of Tarot cards as being like a therapist that fits in your pocket and won’t keep asking you to talk about your childhood! Or maybe as being a little bit like the perfect friend, always willing to listen and offer guidance without being pushy or judgemental. Ultimately my job is too guide you thru the meanings, lessons and ideas contained within this visual language and to tell the story of what the cards present for you here in this moment.


I have been reading oracles for over 15 years. Being in service to others is my pride, my joy and my purpose in Life. Some people call me an intuitive reader, which means they think the insights and lessons I learn from the cards come from some psychic level or intuitive skill. No matter what your personal beliefs are when it comes to the spiritual world, my aim is to share with you the meanings and teachings of the Tarot to help you achieve clarity in your life. Sometimes these lessons will make perfect, immediate sense and other times you will need to exercise that intuition I sense in you to better understand the test or lesson you are being delivered.

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thank u so much and u were so spot on for the person in question; hope ur predictions come true thanks a lot
hi, I’m sorry I keep running out of funds. but I hope to continue the convo with you soon
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