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The Irish Owl


You are amazing, a soul that is unlike any other, and deserves the very best in life. My soul purpose is to guide and listen to you about your life journey. I am a professional psychic, which means I tap into my intuition, to guide and help you empower yourself, to better your life. Everything I say is from a place of love, and will be what my guides, cards and pendulum portray to me. Your messages will be what you need to hear, as opposed to what you may want to hear. I follow a strict code of ethics, and this is a confidential and sacred space between you and I. You must choose a reader that you are drawn to, as this is your own intuition helping you on your journey. I truly look forward to connecting with you. Lots of love xxx


I am Irish, but now live in South Africa, and have an international client base. I have been using my spiritual abilities since I was very young. I have been counseling people all my life, and have been told I have a natural ability to do so. I have always had an interest in helping others, and can really feel others emotions when I connect with them. Methods I use spiritually to connect include; Tarot, a pendulum, crystals, and intuition.Why the Irish Owl? In the Celtic tradition, the owl is known as cailleach oidhche and she represents wisdom, stealth, initiation, change, and detachment. She is clairvoyant and a seeker of deeper knowledge. She is also a sign that death is only a new beginning. She has great intuition and courage and she always follows her instincts. She is a bringer of hidden truth, omens, and secrets and she can help unmask those who wish to deceive you. I look forward, very much, to meeting you. Love the Irish Owl xx


Charlotte DeRose
thank you for your insight i just wish you could tell me how to get along with him
thank you so much :) you’re so amazing. i love talking with you! ❤️ if i meet someone else then I’ll do my best to move on!
very lovely and nice lady. Apart from that, she is very spot on and offers good advices!! Thank u so much! Bless u!!
you gives me hope
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