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The Gem Advisor


Hi, I’m Gem! I’m a spiritual advisor and psychic who focuses on practical, real-world answers to your questions. I use Rider Waite tarot and astrology, as well as my empath and clairvoyant abilities to gain what I call a “spiritual snapshot” of you. I use this snapshot to produce honest, straightforward yet compassionate, personal - but most importantly ACCURATE - predictions and guidance. My predictions tend to be detailed and usually include timeframes. Here’s how my reading usually go! I start off by asking your name and zodiac sign, as well as the name and zodiac sign of the person whose energy you want to focus on. If you are well versed in astrology, I may ask you for/pick up on other chart placements. Once I establish a connection with your energies, I am very quick with my predictions. You may ask, rant, cry, anything! And I will tell you what spirit wants you to know. There is always 0 judgement in my chat. I can’t wait to be apart of your journey! Gem :)


I have been giving accurate, detailed, and personal spiritual advice for almost a decade! I have worked both in-shop and online, and my technique is to read for you as if you were in-person. I really take the time to connect with your energy when I read for you. I specialize in love and relationships (reconciliations, separation, soul mate and twin flame, co-habitation, no-contact, couples and marriage), as well as dreams and aspirations (what’s my life path? Is this job right for me? What’s my next step? What about my finances?) I am also very good with money and career matters and have no problem reading your family/friends as well. My divination tool of choice is tarot, but I do not need them and am happy to not use them if you would like. I use the rider Waite variation, as well as the beautiful Salvador Dali deck. I am a very experienced and knowledgeable tarot reader as this was my first tool. My clients say they come to me in particular because I am consistent, and like to delve deep into their energy. Rather than a shallow quick explanation, I focus on the “why” behind what spirit tells us. You can live out your destiny with the divine knowledge I will give you. This has allowed me to build a strong customer base over almost ten years, and plenty of real world experience.

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thank you mam
thank you i appreciate the honesty
super quick with responses, thank you!
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