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Love Star Psychic
Love Star Psychic
Soulmates & Twin Flames
Love Star Psychic


Hello! ❤️ Lovely to meet you! ❤️

I am a professional Psychic & Tarot Card reader, online course creator, Radio Show Host, and YouTuber with over 15 years of experience of being TOP PSYCHIC and one of the MOST REQUESTED TAROT READERS

I am an honest reader who offers no sugarcoating, but truthful and precise reading, that resonates with you and is always non judgmental, understanding and compassionate. I HONESTLY DO CARE about my clients and always make sure that they can feel it, even-tough I just have the letters of the chat to express it. :) 

During the reading, I am using a combination of my tarot cards with my gift of reading subtle energy flows in the situations and ability to feel other people's emotions and intentions even at a distance but I will need 3 or 4 sentence about your situation so I can connect to it.  

❤️My specialties are LOVE READINGS and CAREER READINGS.❤️ 

I helped thousands of people throughout the years and I can help you too! 

I also specialize in DREAM ANALYSIS for which I use my own set of symbols, decoding I developed over many years of experience, and meticulous research on the topic of dreams. No dream is too much I can get to the bottom of even the most extraordinary dream. 


I can uncover and explain even the most difficult soulmate connection, see your soulmate's feelings about you and their intentions. 

❤️LGBTQ and ALL RELIGIONS friendly reader❤️


Questions I can answer {these and more}: 

  • When I am going to hear from them? 
  • When will they open up about their feelings?
  • What do they think about me?
  • Do they miss me?
  • Are we Soulmates or Twin flames? 
  • Why they are so hot cold?
  • Will they ever commit or am I just wasting my time? 
  • Will I get promoted in my job or should I look for another one?
  • Will their family approve of me? 
  • Is there a third party involved? 
  • Is my Ex coming back?


Please do not withdraw important information that I need to be able to connect with you and your situation and I will be able to help you to find a way out of confusion with love and career.


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I work as a professional spiritual counselor and tarot card reader for over 15 years. 

Born as an Indigo child, I was showing signs of spiritual sensitivity early on in my childhood and was lucky to learn how to fully utilize my gift during my teenage hood. 

I am currently traveling around the globe helping people as a teacher and guide, working for both private and corporate clients. 

I'm also hosting my own radio show Spiritual alchemy which attracts over 3000 live listeners every week and is running for over 3 years. 

I have experience with teaching many workshops on a wide range of topics from Tarot to Spell work and Crystal healing and was featured at many events like London Pagan Conference. 

I was working for many years as a private tarot reader for face-to-face sessions in London but recently decided to move my readings completely online to help even more clients all over the world. 

I do believe in free will that can change the outcome of the reading but will provide advice based on subtle energies on how to proceed to be able to obtain what you want and to make sure your life is taking the direction you want. Please no health readings, pregnancy readings, or law – this is a question for professionals in those fields. 

I am experienced with working with Tarot decks both RWS and Thoth as well as runes, various Oracle decks, and the art of divination from crystals. I have a natural gift for sensing subtle energy channels and through years of practice.

I learned how to decode them so I help other people. My other experience includes Diploma in Psychotherapy and Crystal Healing.

Continuously 5-star rated psychic. Workshops and Talks selling out weeks in advance Youtube Channel with over 6600 subscribers and Clients from all over the world.

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thanks for the lovely reading as always. so comforting
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thanks for the lovely reading
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