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Hello everyone! I'm Alicia TeVeo-I SeeYou Professional Tarot Reader and Healing Reiki Therapist. We will talk about everything in your mind and you will get honest and accurate answers from the Universe. We will go deep, and clear up every detail and doubt so you can find the right way to heal your past in order to achieve a successful future I OFFER LONG DISTANCE REIKI HEALING TO HELP YOU OVERCOME OBSTACLES, AND BALANCE YOUR ENERGIES TO OPEN UP NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND CLOSE DOORS THAT MAY CAUSE PAIN.


I am a Natural Tarot Reader since I was 11 years old. I work with light energies so you can stand strong against the odds. I started studying Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Metaphysics and Tarot, understanding Universe and the mancias I master. I work professionally since my 17 years old in personalized private readings and also in distance readings on specialized call centers with my powerful spiritual connection and understanding every problem and doubt of my patients. I believe in spirituality over religions, so I have always treated different patients with tolerance to their religions and believes, since the Universe HAS EACH HUMAN BEING A MESSAGE OF LOVE, COMPASSION AND A GUIDE FOR A BETTER LIFE BEYOND OF THE WAY WE UNDERSTAND THE WORLD.


awesome !!!
thank you so much, so wish you can finish my last question girl
she is great told me so much wish I had enough funds to finish
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