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I'm Tesla, a prophet of God, as well a healer. I am a Christian advisor, so my services are spiritually based. I ask God for personal assistance on your situation through prayer, and I receive information through sight, feeling, hearing, smell, and taste. Depending on your situation, it can be an emotional chat because I solely work with God. Through him, he shows me what is going on around you, how you are going about the situation, who is involved, and when you should take action on the given situation. Also, my only tool, besides God, is my holy bible. If you want a phrase of encouragement, just ask, and I'll give you a scripture! *I do not offer timeframes. God's timing is different from ours, and we can not go beyond him.*


I come from a heritage of prophetess from the mothers of my culture and ancestors, and I am a prophet of voice, sight, feeling, and hearing. As a child, I would walk up to strangers and distant friends and family, and I would speak to them as if I knew who they were and what they have been through; I did. My parents were told from friends and family that I would be a prophet of God, and they were right. As I got older, I grew more into the spiritual realm and I yearned for more, so I found a spiritual teacher/guru, and energy healer. After a few months of seeking guidance and then giving it in return, she told me that I was ready, ready to heal with the sound of my voice and the touch of my words, so I did that and searched for more. I found a place where I could connect with readers from all over, so I could grow for myself as a spiritual being. Some were freshly new in the area, and some were world renowned readers, so I offered my spirituality to them, by giving what I saw and felt. After years of doing that, I knew that it was time to give to so much more. I traveled to meet people, so I could enhance my ability with my voice and the way I walk. It also helped me with my healing, and I have grown my connection with God. This world isn't just a walk in the park with a light breeze and leaves rustling across the sidewalk; it's a realm of love vs. hate that defines the winds and leaves. I chose love, so as a follower and server of God, my gifts are to reach out to people like God has done for me.


A lot of the things he said makes sense I would love to talk to him some more
I ran out of funds but I'm hoping that this comes to pass! every time I speak with him he always eases my heart and my mind a true blessing from God!
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