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Hi fellow life journeriers, I am available GMT -2 from 10AM to 11:30 PM every day of the week. 


Welcome to my profile. My price is set because I am good.  I believe you get what you pay for.   My aim here is to help you in any way I can through the many spiritual gifts that I have been born with and have been blessed with during my spiritual journey.  I am a natural-born spiritualist. I have helped so many to find the right path in their life.  I am also clairsentient which means, you receive psychic information through sensing or feeling subtle energy and receiving images from my angels which I interpret for you.


I came into this life with a gift as a teenager that no matter how a person behaves, I can always see the person's soul and their soul was always full of unconditional love.   This was confusing to me at first. Until I learned it was a person's behavior that was a choice,  and their soul was still unconditional love. 

My angels and your angels, also spirit guide, send me images to help you.  I interpret these signs and symbols for you to understand them. I have been practicing and studying for over 43 years and still learn now. I have spent time sharpening and developing my skills for the best and most accurate reading in different ways:


  • clairaudience
  • clairvoyance
  • empathic means
  • autowriting
  • energy reading
  • Tarot

The key to understanding how I can do a psychic reading without being present is energy.  I access your energy field, the first energetic body from your physical body,  when I do a reading for you and anyone close to the you. I have a gift that enables me to access the energy in you and your partner and can tell you how you and your partner feel about each otherThe energy isn't seen physically, I don't have to be in your presence to sense it. I can access energy from wherever you are or from others close to you. This I would say is now my strongest ability in the spiritual sense. 

I also do spiritual counseling on almost all areas of life and have had many years doing one on one sessions. I have done Tarot card readings for more than 19 years. For the tarot readings, I use many different types of decks. Angel Oracle, Angel Therapy, and the normal Tarot cards, some very unique. 

These readings using all my gifts are my passion and it fills me with joy when the person tells me that it has helped them. I have had comments that say 'You hit everything spot on, it was like you were walking in my shoes, and there was information that you could possibly not have known.  This makes me so grateful and very humble.  Let me help YOU. 


My experience is from a solid base training of more than 42 years of spiritual classes

I had a mentor for over 30 years and did so much learning with her.  I did the Kundalini class. I was trained in acupressure, using my fingers, and feeling for the meridian points. I also did the Heart Class that connects you to your inner heart which focuses strongly on the importance of the spiritual life. 

I did many Chakra courses, learned about each one, how to detect if they were blocked, and how to unblock them and I find in many of my Tarot readings or energy readings that often one of the chakras is blocked which causes obstruction in a person's life.  I offer Chakra balancing as one of my services.  This will realign your chakras,  as they often need to be balanced after anything traumatic or anything sad that has happened to you.

Since starting with Zodiac, I have noticed that I have a new gift I did not know I had, and that I am able to read anyone's energy with just their name and share what they are feeling and what they feel for their partner as well, this has been a great success for you and I am enormously grateful to the Universe of enabling this gift.  Also, with energy reading, I can see dark marks in a person's energy which tells me if they are addicts or depressed and most importantly,  if your partner is a narcissist.   

My angels send me signs, always 3 of something. 3 butterflies, 3 words used by different people in a very short time, and I have learned to watch out for 3 of anything. This brings me back to the now so that I can find a quiet space to listen to their message. If I am stubborn, the signs are VERY loud. 

Mindfulness and meditation, in my opinion, are a big part of staying connected to my gifts and the Universe. I practice this by going out to my favorite tree to get grounded and back to the Now.

My goal in life is to help as many people as possible to remove obstacles for you, find a way to solve a problem for you, give clarity on an issue, and I will help you along in your fantastic gift of life. I am grateful to help you and as I said, it fills my heart with joy.  I am grateful and humbled by my ability to make a difference.  I am blessed and blessed to help YOU! 




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Much appreciated ❤️🙏💫
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She was amazing . I plan on returning
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