I have angels all around me that help me connect to you and your partner.. This enables me to feel you and your partners energy clearly and help you with whatever you need. The key to understanding how I can do a psychic reading without being present is energy. I access the persons energy field when I do a reading. Typically, this energy is not seen physically. I have a gift that enables me to access the energy psychically. And I have been practicing and have spent time sharpening and developing my skills for sensing energy in different ways, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, or through empathic means. Because the energy isn't seen physically, I dont have to be in your presence to sense it. I can access the energy from wherever you are or others close to you are. This I would say is now my strongest ability in the spiritual sense. I also do spiritual councelling on almost all areas of life and have had many years doing one on one sessions. I have done Tarot card readings for more than 15 years. For the Tarots I use three different types of decks. Angel Oracle, Angel Therapy and the normal Tarot cards. This is my passion and it fills me with joy when the person tells me that it has helped them. I have had comments that say 'you hit everything spot on, it was like you were walking in my shoes, and there was information that you could possibly not have known'. That really makes my heart sing with joy to help a person move on with their journey of life. I have also done readings one on one and its remarkable to see the change in the person. I normally do a 3 card reading as this provides so much more infomation that helps you to get a full picture of what is in the immediate past, what is current and what you should do or focus on, and the last card is the outcome providing you follow the guidance and advice of the second card. I have had realy good feedback and the words and insights and intuition that I get and read are from your guardian angels and surprise even me because the angels take over and offer the guidance that you most need at this point. Simply amazing. I also do spiritual councelling and here too, the angels take over and its like they put words in my mouth and the person is amazed at the councelling. I have become used to the angels coming through me to help the person in need. I am always grateful for the help of our angels in leading, guiding, advice and love that comes through. I can pick up energies of the person I read and intuition, or what I call my guardian angels help with that. So the connection to the person I read is true, its like they are standing right in front of me. I am also an empath and was taught early on to protect myself from too much sadness and despair. My angels guide me in this and open me up when I do a reading or councelling to the person receiving it


My experience is from a solid base of more than 15 years of spiritual classes. In these classes we were taught all things relevant to spiritual, crystal energy, how to see and read auras, how to meditate and connect with others, I did a few afterlife classes as well. I did the Kundulini class which I must say was intense and also exhausting but well worth it. I was also trained in acupressure, using your fingers, and feeling for the meridean points. I also did the Heart Class that connects you to your inner heart which focuses strongly on the importance of the spiritual life which I chose so many years ago. That course was also very intense and also uplifting and changed me in a way that I am always connected, I did many Chakra courses, learnt about each one, how to detect if they were blocked, how to unblock them and I find in many of my Tarot readings or energy readings that often one of the chakras are blocked which causes obstruction in a person's life. Since starting with Zodiac, I have noticed that I have a gift I did not know I had, and that is I am able to read anyone's energy with just their name, and share what they are feeling and what they feel for their parnter as well, this has been a great success for me, and I am enormously grateful to the Universe of enabling this gift. I came into this life with a gift that no matter how a person behaves, I can always see the person's soul. This gift is a treasure that I am very grateful for and I use it to my fullest extent. This is extremely important to me. Meditation is something I do daily so that my mind is quiet so that I can hear my guardian angels speak to me. I know I have got their message when the hairs on my arm stand up. Mediation in my view, is a huge part of staying connected to my highter power and yes, I get caught up with daily things and forget to listen to my angels. My angels send me signs, always 3 of something. 3 butterflies, 3 words used by different people in a very short time and I have learnt to watch out for 3 of anything. This brings me back to the now so that I can find a quiet space to listen to their message. If I am stubborn, the signs are very loud. Mindfulness in my opinion is a big part of staying connected. I practice this by going out to my favourite tree to get grounded and back to the Now. All of the experience I have done I have also done face to face and I first think 'did I say that??' but I have learnt that the angets talk though me and now I accept that completely. My goal in life is to help as many people as possible to remove obstacles, find a way to solve a problem, give clarity on an issue and generally to help them along in their fantastic gift of life. I am grateful to help others and as I said, it fills my heart with joy

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