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Advisor Chantell


I am an experienced medium who provides my clients with sound and realistic guidance working with the energies surrounding love, sex and relationships. I believe that it's the choices that we make in the present that have a profound impact on our future. I provide advice on how to strengthen relationship and how to deal with issues surrounding the relationship. This issues include trying to win back an ex lover, how to distance yourself from negative and toxic influences which can have an impact on the relationship etc. I am also rather focussed on the progression of relationships and maintaining strong bonds. I also provide advice on how to maintain a sense of self, as clients have a tendency to neglect themselves when they become very invested in other people. It's all about maintaining your own sense of happiness and identity, while receiving and embracing love. I am also experienced in providing advice in dating and how to pursue love. To basically, not only to obtain the love that you want, but also the love that you deserve. I have found clients investing themselves in people who really don't deserve their love, so essentially it is about providing guidance on how to manifest and attract the love the client needs, and also deserves. With that said, I also offer services on how to heal from a broken heart and how to work through the pain of a broken relationship, and to manifest new opportunities in love. I also provided career advice and how to obtain and manifest the career the client desires. This has a significant impact on the overall happiness of the client, so it is imperative to distinguish between what the client is passionate about and what their skills are. I am also an experienced tarot reader.


I have experienced with connecting with energies since I as very young. My paternal grandmother was someone who was also very involved with connecting to the spiritual world. She was a clairvoyant. I have been doing readings since I was very young, so this is about 25 years. Since I have been able to read and to interpret the cards. I have been providing readings for many years. I have worked for various platforms in the United Kingdom. I am passionate about people growing and developing towards their highest human potential. I have encouraged and facilitated a lot of spiritual guidance and growth. I am very clear when it comes to honesty. The clients always deserve to know the truth and to guide them to work towards their highest human potential. Sometimes people do not acknowledge or embrace what it is what they actually deserve, and they sometimes need reassurance from the spiritual realm, and for them to connect further with their higher-selves. I have helped clients realise that their current relationships were unhealthy and contributing towards a lot of negativity in their lives, and thus work towards something more meaningful and where they will receive the love they deserve. Also, facilitating people letting go of negative patterns when it comes to life, love and relationships. This negative energy tends to hold clients back, and prolongs the process of obtaining what they really could be experiencing. However, note that this is just facilitating the process where the client empowers themselves, to make them make meaningful decisions.

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Very quick and on point in response
She’s amazing and spot on…. highly recommend !!!♥️
thank you
she was very clear on the readings and gave me great advice about my relationship. an answer im looking for :)! thank you chantell
Thank you for giving me clarity
who will not get tired of approaching when ur ignore right?? what he thinks of me now..i hope u can send me mins and continue. pls complete reading ..thank u
thanks you
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