Tea Leaves 158 Advisors

This organic form of divination looks for revelations and insights of our past, present and future through the interpretation of symbols, letters, and other shapes found at the bottom of an empty teacup.

Tassology is very welcome by those who dislike or are afraid of other types of fortune telling. A gifted tea leaf reader is an advisor with a highly intuitive, focused mind, tuned to spot on and interpret symbols and patterns significance. Reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, or even the sediment at the bottom of a wine bottle, is also called tasseography. European gypsies and fortune tellers are believed to have been the first tasseographers in the Middle Ages. Most readers prefer to use a pure white cup, although there are elaborately decorated cups specifically designed for leaf readers.

In its most pure and unaffected form, a tea leaf reading will begin with quieting your mind, concentrating on your future and wishing the symbol will clearly depict the events to come. You will drink a cup of loose tea leaves, bringing as much mindful intention as possible to your question. When you are done, the reader will observe the leaves in your cup and share his or her insights and the story seen with you.No one is really certain what is the magic around the tea leaves reading that makes it a powerful way for revealing the future, past, and present; however, many people think the querent influences the tea when sipping it.

Tip: whichever tea you choose, make sure it’s tasteful since you will need to drink almost all of it and it will help you concentrate more and enjoy the reading to the fullest!

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