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This organic form of divination looks for revelations and insights provided to us courtesy of the dried plants, herbs, and spices found in teas. A gifted tea leaf reader is one with a highly intuitive, focused mind that is finely tuned to pattern recognition and symbol interpretation. Like a mental health practitioner uses a Rorschach, or ink blot, test to analyze the deeper forces at work in a patient, and a Tarot reader relies on the specific cards drawn to weave together the patterns at play in her client’s life, a tea leaf reader finds answers in the leaves at the bottom of an empty cup of tea.

Reading tea leaves, coffee grounds, or even the sediment at the bottom of a wine bottle, is also called “tasseography.” European gypsies and fortune tellers are believed to have been the first “tasseographers” in the Middle Ages, using wax splatters as their psychic springboards into the questioner’s fate. When Dutch traders brought tea to Europe in the seventeenth century, tea leaves were quickly adopted as the perfect divination tool, fresh from Mother’s Nature garden.

How are tea leaves read?

Most readers prefer to use a pure white cup, although there are elaborately decorated cups specifically designed for leaf readers. In its most pure and unaffected form, a tea leaf reading will begin with a quieting of your mind and a concentrated focusing on an area of primary concern about which you are seeking counsel. You will drink a cup of loose leaf tea, bringing as much mindful intention as possible to your question as well as respect for the sacred aspect of petitioning oracular wisdom. When you are done, the reader will observe the leaves in your cup and share her insights with you.

While it can be tempting to consult a standard resource book or Internet list of “common symbols found in tea leaves” in an eager attempt to decipher the revelations lying in the bottom of your cup, the most gifted and authentic tea leaf reader will consult her own heightened intuition and Higher Self to interpret the sacred tea oracle’s revelatory messages.

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