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Psychic Jonelle


I can get you answers you need quickly, and can help you get the future and outcome you want. I also use the cards to connect with loved ones who have passed. I have been trained in my psychic abilities since I was very young. As a third-generation psychic, I was fortunate to learn and train under both my mother and grandmother. I have practiced and trained my abilities in many ways over the years to sharpen my intuition and to grow spiritually so I can help others. From the time I was just a baby, many psychics and spiritually gifted people pointed and predicted I would be a gifted reader. After years of training and study, I began to read for friends and family as a teenager and grew into a professional career at 18. Since then I have helped many people, and have continued to grow and develop my skills. I have worked over the phone and over the computer for many years and have connected with people from around the world. I have helped many repair their relationships and achieve reconciliation, even with complicated issues like twin flame connections!


I am a certified master tarot reader and psychic with almost 10 years of experience. My abilities are natural as I am a third-generation psychic. Both my mother and grandmother trained me and helped me learn how to use my abilities from when I was very young. I am highly experienced in love and relationships, twin-flames, career, promotions, finances, family matters, and spiritual growth and well-being. During a reading, you can expect to ask me whatever questions you have quickly and accurately! I will provide you with information about the most likely outcome. I will also provide advice on how you can effect change in a situation. While the future can be predicted, it can also be changed, and I want to help make sure things go in your favor! I am also well versed in the matter of manifestation and spiritual workings, and can provide advice to help you manifest the things you want in your life!

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long response time. it was more of taking my money than a reading.

not worth the time.
thank you for your read :))
she’s amazing
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