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As a certified paranormal investigator and medium, I consult many on spiritual matters such as energies and a connection to those who have passed. I establish insight and a perspective into the persons who have crossed over and to those who are still living. I can see future events and I do offer a reliable prediction that many like to know about. I have answered many questions pertaining to the thoughts and the feelings of others around and in some cases can channel some of the feelings of the person in question as long as I have their first name. I give an effective resolution to many of life's challenges and have given many ideas as a countermeasure to events taken place. I not only read into a situation but I offer suggestions with care. I give general readings as well as conversations and answers to direct questions. To be as specific as a person is wanting to be, I am considered more than just an adviser but as a friend. Understanding is key to many of life's disappointments. I give an undisclosed outlet and a solution to many important matters. I give direction with insight into events taken place. I give reassurance with a proven ability that many have said is above expectations. I am also knowledgeable about media conflicts as I have had media experience. I have had many questions about one's acting career and celebrity status and to those subjects related to this. Many have called me over the years from around the world.


Like many, I have had my intuition all my life. It seems to grow and improve the more I use it even until this day, I have been reading professionally for many years. I am media experienced as I have my own part-time radio show. I have been involved with many media events over the years pertaining to psychic growth and development. Because of my high percentage of tested accuracy, I became a member of an elite research group pertaining to ESP and the paranormal. I test individuals and circumstances where paranormal activity has been suspected. I use no tools except for the Tarot which always is a treat for many who have found me in the mix. I hope I can be as good as you and can make the difference you are looking for. I still have those who are looking for me and those who follow and watch many of the things I do. Find out why!


honest review: postive: spencer has been accurate, when others haven’t. bad: sometimes leaves me feeling more confused or worried until I figure it out a long time later. so serves it real,not always the reassurance or clarity I’m seeking. but has been accurate about at least 3 predictions for me, maybe more.
thank you! he was right on about Bryan’s ex. wow!
thank you so much, I appreciate your help ❤️❤️❤️
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