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Hi, I'm the Tarot Fellow. I Believe in Relationships. Whether you're reaching out today to talk about your career, your romantic partnerships, your family, or to connect with someone who has crossed over, all problems and solutions exists because of a relationship you have (or want to have) in your life. Relationships define our existence, manifesting as emotions, voices, images, and apparitions. I use the relationships I have with my cards and my guides to tap into you through your guides and ancestors. Even if I don't know you personally, the spirits often have a complete perspective of your relationships, personal or professional, and almost always have an opinion about them. I Believe You Have Power. Chances are you're here because you're seeking change. You may know what you want, or you may not. I'll give you clear direction, help you avoid obstacles, and share universal laws that get you what you want. My goal is to empower YOU. It's YOUR power that will bring about your desires. I Believe in Spirit. Did you know the universe is conspiring for your benefit? The spirits are the stage-crew of your life, and are eager to uplift, help, and answer your questions. They do the work, not me. My readings start out with your story as told by Tarot. I can give you as much detail about the card meaning as you'd like. I can answer your questions in a few minutes, or go in depth. A full reading can transform into direct messages from Spirit. I recommend you have some questions (although this isn't required), because sometimes what is most important to you in this moment isn't what's most important to them. I Would Love to Connect with You!


I was just out of high school when a reader at a metaphysical shop gifted me my first deck of Tarot cards. I'd grown up extremely religious, so didn't take them too seriously, but gave a few readings to friends, just for fun. It wasn't long before I found my talent, reading on my college campus, being invited to read at parties, even reading for people waiting in line at the movies. My street-style, no-hype approach got me my first regular clientele. Now, my spiritual life has exploded. I've mentored under the most incredible medium. I've been blessed with teachers from a Wiccan priestess, to Native American tribes, and Peruvian jungle shamans. I have almost 20 years of experience, and my gifts have grown from Tarot card readings, to working with Spirit directly on a daily basis. Spiritual work is no longer work - it's like getting together with a long lost friend. Want to see just how close your ancestors and guides are to you? Let's chat.


I don't have enough funds to continue although I wish I could.
thank u kindly ?
Thank you for the fast response and advice. I appreciate talking to you.
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