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Tarot By Emilie
Tarot By Emilie
Love & Relationships
Tarot By Emilie


Are you struggling with your love life and are in need of REAL answers but have no one to turn too? I was there before just like you lost, confused with personal questions that I had but with no one that I trusted to answer or share with. I needed someone to turn too for honest non-judgmental accurate answers. I'm here to help. Let me help you. My name is Emilie. I am a New Yorker Latina with a passion for Tarot. Matters of love and relationships have always been my specialty. I don't discriminate on anyone. I love what I do. I'm accurate, love people, compassionate, down to earth and have helped thousands around the world. I teach tarot, in the process of creating my own tarot deck and take my profession very seriously. Even if the news is not the best news I give but, in a compassionate way. I'm not brute but, I am completely honest. I rather give you the truth then have you hope on false promises. This is not just my career but also my passion. If you need help, I am here.


My road of being a diviner was not an easy one. I surely was born with an intuitive gift but even that had to be worked like a muscle to develop into something as strong as it is now. I feel in love with the tarot and divination at just the age of 11. I studied it hard and looked towards divination for guidance through every aspect of my own life experiences. The troubled times, the wonderful times and the times of much uncertainty. My cards, my spirit guides, and divination were always there for me. They never lead me wrong. Even when I decided not to take the advice and very much regretted it. These trails though were not in vain, it helped me understand the language of the cards even better, I grew more intimate with them and now is able to help all those who come to me for guidance with my tarot cards. Now as the years have passed, I have accumulated over 20 years of tarot reading experience and made it into my profession. Conducted thousands of readings already, I have experience in reading tarot at large events in NYC, Radio shows, Large NYC corporate events, currently in the process of creating my own tarot deck, worked in several NYC mystic stores giving readings, have done Tarot galleries and more. Tarot is my passion not just my professional career. I also teach tarot and have instructional videos on tarot reading development. I have helped many and now I am ready to help you as well.

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Mar 23, 2018
she was good answered all my questions will be back and spiritual
Mar 19, 2018
Mar 17, 2018
amazing please finish?
Mar 14, 2018
mary nguyen
Mar 12, 2018
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