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I believe that every one has an energy all of their own and I've always been attuned to the energy of those around me.With the help of the cards my aim is to give you good solid insight and advice that will help you take real control of your life.I have always guided and supported many people, from friends to family and strangers. I preform tarot readings to help you get to the path your suppose to be on and help give you clarity to get there. I am also a great listener and have been able to help many people in some of the most stressful and difficult times in their life so no matter what you need, I'm here


I am a professional tarot reader with many years of experience and I have been a practicing pagan for 15 years. I am experienced inAstrology readingsTarot readingsRunesDream interpretationLove and sex adviceBreak up and divorce adviceLife coaching


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