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Advisor Tania
Advisor Tania
Love & Relationships
Advisor Tania


The special gift of psychic has been passed on to through generations in my family. I realized at a very early age I could see, feel and sense things. I am here to help you... with my advice insight and guidance, I will assist you to the right path. I answer questions to help with solving couple problems, will you be together again, existing love experiences and new ones to come, sensing mistrust within your relationship, temptations that may cross your path and etc... I am as well able to sense family, friends, careers and everyday matters. Using the cosmic energies that surround us, I able am able to be empathetic and sympathetic person and I will be able to guide you to become a better version of yourself. I will provide you with the truth as I sense it and provide guidance to improve your everyday matters. For me to do this I need you to open your heart and mind and share with me. I look forward to connecting with you.


Hello there, my name is Tania. I was around 16 when I first realized that I had psychic skills. I experienced my first real interpretation of a dream shortly after. This experience left me wanting to understand and to know more about my gifts. During my enlightenment I came to learn that I had inherited my gifts from my mother, who inherited it from her mother. Ever since this knowledge came to light, I experienced my gifts frequently. After learning how to harness and control my abilities, I have had many dream experiences often leading to true and real events. I have learnt compassion and patience due to my experiences. I have had many of family and friends ask me to help them to decipher and interpret the meaning behind their dreams. Be its symbols, images, words or events. I believe that our dreams are the communication between the conscious, subconscious and spiritual realm that will lead to events significant to our lives at certain periods of time, and accommodated by certain aspects, providing you with the core reasoning of what your innermost self is communicating to you. I am a spiritualist and I use communication with the energies that surround us to provide answers. I trust in the forces that be. My values are to be positive and honest as it is the most fundamental principle. I am here to guide you on your journey to determine your true path by understanding your dreams so that you may live your best life and be happy.

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