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Tamara offers a safe, enjoyable experience that can be used to improve one's life significantly. She assists clients in honing their intuition through an experience that brings voice to their spiritual selves in an enlightened yet tangible way. Tamara's readings offer specific information for all individual questions, situations or circumstances. Professional, ethical and compassionate service is always assured. She provides services for life changing positive results and is ready to work with you on whatever specific issue is seen to be needing attention in your life path at that time. "As a witness, reader, and collaborative problem solver, I will consult with you on any aspect of your life including:, relationships, soul mates, faithfulness, betrayal, lost loves, the return of a love and or soul mate. Finances, destiny, dreams and goals. Uncovering hidden truths, new beginnings, midlife changes, all and any area of life, simple or multiple more complex issues. I understand the need to feel truly listened to, and I provide a safe and confidential service that is honest and sacred. I offer my services with the utmost compassion, understanding and non-judgment. I focus on helping people to learn how to utilize there own intuition and healing abilities from their own higher power. Most of the clients who have received my healing services in the past are no longer in need of my services today, some need one day, several weeks or even years depending. I also have clients who benefit greatly from just consulting with me periodically. I will always seek to work with you in the way that is most appropriate and rewarding for your heart's desires, healing and growth".


Specialties Spiritual growth, Enlightenment, Law of attraction. Family/Friends, Love/Relationships, Infidelity/faithfulness,Career/Work, Health, wellness and nutrition. Destiny/Life Path; Joyous and successful outcomes. Skills & Methods Cartomancy, Aura Cleansing, Clair sentient, Clair-audient, Empath, Traditional spiritual life and health coach I have been receiving heartfelt and highly accurate angelic readings and spiritual assistance throughout America, Canada and South Africa since I was eight years of age. I read for people from all walks of life, all of my life; as a way of life and calling .I am a sixth generation American Psychic I was and am blessed to have been born naturally gifted in a variety of the alternative healing arts.  I have been mentored as my gifts grew and developed,  trained with indigenous elders of many amazing traditional cultures, including Aztec and several Native American Shamanic practitioners of the Lakota, Apache and Seneca.

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