I am a God gifted psychic reader, advisor, and life coach. My name is Tamara. Allow me to guide and advise If you are seeking truthful answers to dating, marriage, divorce issues or careers. I have helped people with depression and confusion. Also, I advise on the cleansing of negative energies for success on all levels of existence including the removal of blockage and obstacles for continued success and happiness. If you are in need of career advice and direction, I can help you and advise you on what comes to you. I work with serious consideration, love, and care because of the deep sincere emotions involved. I can tell you the wealth of what I am capable of but, you are better off finding out for yourself by bringing me your issues. Because I am sincere you will not be disappointed. I truly look forward to working with you for the betterment of your life, peace, and happiness. Are you ready?


For more than 40+ years I have worked with my psychic abilities, offering guidance and life coaching experience long before there were any psychic networks to call upon.. My successes are very high in bringing clarity, understanding, and peace of mind to a troubled soul. When your life gets confusing, you can expect a reading from me that provides clarity of the problem, inspiration leading you to empowerment and control of your life. You will meet the challenges of life and uplift your emotional and spiritual self with wisdom and insight. The many benefits of my experience are you will be provided assistance in making decisions and solving your problems. It will help you regain a sense of control in your life as it explores the potential of present and future relationships. It will tell you more about yourself and those around you. Be it love, dating, marriage, children, career or finance, it will honestly answer the questions you have. I believe we can change anything but in order to make changes, we need to take an honest look at ourselves as well as those around us. Also, I have earned advanced degrees in both Psychology and Theology; I am understanding, compassionate, nonjudgmental and caring with an extensive background in dealing with crisis situations and working with individuals going through extreme emotional turmoil. I am a trained listener and will allow you the time you need to express your feelings about your circumstances. My readings are to the point, powerful and accurate.

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she is amazing!!! highly recommend!
very good reader!! please send minutes to continue!
good reading! please send minutes to continue!
very accurate, honest and straightforward:)
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