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Hello, I am Tabitha and I have found a calling in my life, and that is using my gift to help others. Whether you have questions about love or career, I can help you see the whole situation more clearly, and help you find a path to the things that you want in your life. I do not judge, I am 100% confidential, and my only desire tis to help you have exactly the life that you want for yourself. I read with kindness and empathy, recognizing that we all have struggles in our life, it is what unites us. It is not my place to judge, just to help and that is how I approach al my readings. Whether your pain comes from a love that is not returned, or the result of someone letting you down, there are paths to happiness that we can find together!


I am a natural born psychic and I have spent years working with my tools to gain the experience and knowledge that I need to help people. I have 27 years of experience using Tarot cards, crystal, runes, and my natural clairvoyant abilities to help people figure out what is going on with love in their life. I can help fix broken love, attract new love, and help you find the path to your greatest happiness. I am also a third degree Gardnerian with for the last 10 years and I am able to help you protect yourself spiritually, help you move negative influences out of your life, and draw the kinds of things you want for yourself. Helping you live the best life you can is my only goal.


thank u so much u are the best
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