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Tor ...helping you to weave the life you deserve. Weaving your web… “To weave”, means to interlace pieces of silk or thread & when we think of weaving, most people's thoughts would turn to a spider weaving a web. No two webs are the same – they are unique & beautiful. Consider for a moment that each thought you have & each decision you make is a piece of silk, structuring every aspect of your life. How would your web look? Through psychic readings, coaching sessions & other esoteric services I can help you to untangle the threads & set you in the direction to weave the web YOU deserve.


About Tor✫ MINI BIO ✫Marrying an amazing natural psychic gift & an abundant knowledge of the Law of Attraction – Tor will be your guiding light to a better future.Tor became aware of his abilities at the age of 4 when he would use water to speak to people. He later realised this was water scrying and the people he was speaking to were his spirit guides.Ever since then, Tor has been developing his psychic abilities & has mastered many tools including the tarot, pendulum & crystal ball. While he has been giving readings his whole life, he has 10 years experience in giving online readings & has helped thousands of people find peace of mind using this format.✫ SKILLS/TOOLS USED ✫I have many psychic abilities, including but not limited to clairvoyance, clairesentience, clairaudience, precognition, scrying, energy healing & channeling. I predominantly work with fairy energies, the fairies act as spirit guides to provide guidance through channeled messages. I have been studying cartomancy since I was a young lad of 12, this includes tarot, various oracle cards, playing cards & their many variants. I have a natural affinity with cards & although sometimes the base card meanings will come into play, I work intuitively & the cards work as a trigger for my psychic abilities. Scrying techniques have come naturally to me since I was a small child. I can do this with crystals, crystal balls, fire, water & various other objects. My preferred method is to use a crystal ball. This can be handy in readings if you're needing a more in depth description of a place or person. I have been using pendulums since as far back as I can remember & have had a lot of success using this type of divination for yes/no questions, healing, connecting to certain energies & sensing energies. I am certified in "Advanced Divination Mastery".I have spent many years studying the law of attraction & have advanced qualifications to teach & pass on this knowledge. I am also a certified life coach.All of this can be incorporated into your reading.


ty so much I will be bk x
thanks t jay! u make me at ease! finally got some peace n thanks for the healing energy! talk to u again.. thumbs up!
informative and very nice
his quiet accurate...very kind gives free minutes straight after first reading....
Not sure if we clicked
excellent work n good insights n advise! thumbs up! love u...
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