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I am Non-judgmental, compassionate and direct. My Spirit Guides connect to your Love Interest's mind and soul, to see his/her intentions. Crystals, Tarot, Playing deck, Pendulum - is some of my consecrated tools, which help me to get the answers about your life from the cosmic unconscious space. Being a Reader is my path! I really want to help you with all my skills and experience to find your own path to happiness/success/ Love. I believe everyone deserves to be understood, accepted and happy. Under the layer of the social image that you carry over your life (as someone's kid, partner, sibling, friend) sometimes you may forget about your true dreams and disconnect with own soul. And then things in your life become not clear, relationships fail, stress, depression knocks in the door. And here I'm Your lighthouse in the ocean of Life - to help you to see where you are standing right now, where this road is going further and if there are other roads you can choose among in order to reach your own dreams. In chat, I answer all sorts of questions. When I'm silent in a chat it means I'm connecting to you/ your Love interest. It takes a minute or so. Usual reading of 1 or 2 related questions takes around 5-6 minutes - to connect and write you the answer I received, to give explanation or details. If you need more questions to be answered please be prepared for a bit longer reading. Some of the questions below can help you get started with a reading with me. What are his/her intentions, feelings, thoughts about your/third party/common future? Should you trust him/her / Does he/she cheat/betray / Is there anyone else he/she is interested in? Is he/she the right one for you / Are you both compatible / Is there a possibility for a common future? When you will meet the One / Is he/she your soulmate? Will you get a promotion, expected appraisal on the current job? Is it worth to continue working in the current company/department from point of future prospects? Should you accept an offer or to stay in the current job? Should you start a new business / Do you have enough skills/contacts/possibilities/luck to make a new startup project? etc. See you in my reading area! Lets Connect Now!


Initiated by my elders I am a 5th Generation Psychic Reader, I can see your life path, you will start taking steps towards your future, after your first reading with me. Be it at the crossroads of love, career, re-location, and or spiritual guidance, I will use my divine gift to read the true intention of the people around you for your destiny to unfold how it was meant to be. Being a clairvoyant I'm able to see the underlying feelings of partners, their true desires, scares, insecurities. Besides the practical experience of reading people's lives daily, I've been participating in collective rituals dedicated to one of the ancient images of the Mother Goddess, Fohat cosmic meditation, travelling to one of the most known spiritual center and ashram in India, connecting to my Ancestral spirits & practical use of energy healing in Reiki. I recognize and appreciate all existing religions and cultures. I believe we are all One.

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Jan 20, 2022
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Jan 20, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
opp… ran out of fund… hope can finish reading by answering my question.. very kind of you… I get back to you again soon… hope can meet you again
Jan 19, 2022
love this lady!! true human I certainly always go back to and trust
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