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Love Advisor Zeena
Love Advisor Zeena
Relationship Advice
Love Advisor Zeena


I Am A Clairvoyant Psychic I Work With Energies And Spirit Guides I Am Able To Help You Understand Who You Truly Are And What Path You Belong On I Am Able To Give You Guidance And Help Understand What My Clients True Destiny Is I Offer Life Counseling To Help Give Closure Peace And A Better Understanding Of Clients Life And Situations They May Be Going Through. 

I Will Analyze Your Issues And Situation About 

  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Dating
  • Soul-mate

This Will Enable Me To Pinpoint Exactly Where The Blockages Are, By Looking Into The Past - Present & Future So That You See The Correct Course Of Action To Take. You'll Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Who You Are, And Those Around you Giving You The Confidence In Yourself To Make The Right Decisions I Specialize in Love & Relationships and all aspects of life I do not use any tools only upon request such as tarot cards & meditation sessions⭐


 I have been born with this gift to help people and give them insights into their life paths. I have over 10 years of experience I come from a long line of psychics in my family as well. When I was five year olds I started picking up on different color auras in people and could feel their emotions I will give you the good news and the bad news I will give you an honest reading which I do not sugarcoat. 

Services: Palm Readings• •Tarot Card Readings• •Phone Readings• •Meditation Sessions• •Chakra Balancing•

All Specialties

Career Advice Prayers and Mantras Soulmates Clairvoyant Readings Parents and Children Breakup and Divorce Dating Advice Cheating and Affairs Love and Sex Chakra Balancing Meditation Energy Work Relationship Advice Crystal Healing Karma and Past Life Rituals, Magic & Spells Family Advice Personal Development Spiritual Reading Manifestation




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