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My earliest psychic experience was when I was 7 years old and I saw, very clearly my grandfather who had passed the year before. Since then, my psychic talent has grown stronger. In my teens, images would occasionally flash in my mind. Ones that always had purpose or forewarning. Like a flash of a snake in the barn I was about to walk into or an image of a lost ring showing me where to find it. Today I can zero in on energies. Using Clairvoyance and other Clair senses, I have a knowing about what others feel or what their intentions are. I can see life events coming before they arrive, like a soulmate connection, new love interests, moves, and career connections. I share what I see and sometimes what I see may not make sense until a little time goes by. I’ve helped many, many people. I will read your energy and connect with your guides to give you the needed information or insight. It may not be what you want to hear, and it may be unexpected; make a note and don’t think too hard on it. It may surprise you later on. Readings are given with discernment and kindness.


I’ve been practicing full time for 15 years. It all started with word of mouth from friends and family when I gave readings on the weekends or at parties. It wasn’t long before word of mouth spread to others and I found myself booked solid every weekend. That was a time when I held readings at a local tearoom. With weekends completely full, I realized it was time to shift into full-time work. I opened up shop online and word got out. My practice grew quickly, and I found myself quite busy most days of the week and every weekend. No longer working at my regular full-time job really boosted my Clair senses as I no longer had the distraction of the day today. With the internet now, I’m amazed at how we can connect in this say. Today services are almost exclusively online. This year marks 15 years for me in practicing as a professional psychic and I never looked back.

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out of funds and time .. hope you can finish all reading… is he still good? is he still worth to keep?
Pearl was great! I hope I can get her again!
will be back thank you
she told me the truth and I'm happy I heard it. this gave me a new perspective on my situation
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