Tarot and Intuitive Readings, Reiki Healer, Angel Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Advice, Karmic Issues, Personal and Family Issues. I read Runes for Life Path Readings and interpret them. In-depth questions. I log in all my clients names and topics of discussion and cards pulled for repeat calls. All my records are Anonymous for Client Protection.


I have over 28-years of doing Readings and Healing. I have a Pastoral Counseling (Non-Denominational) in Abuse, Substance and Domestic Violence, Family Issues, Personal Issues, Career, Love, Relationships etc. since 1988. I started doing Tarot readings for friends and family at age 12 Paranormal Investigator since 1989 Background in Business Administration and Management, from 1982- present End of Life Care as Private Duty Nurse from 1977-1981

All Specialties

Clairvoyant Readings Parents and Children Rune Stone Rider Waite Cards Career Advice Spiritual Reading Dating Advice Relationship Advice Psychic Reading Breakup and Divorce Cheating and Affairs Psychic Mediums Tea Leaves Dream Analysis Paranormal Phenomena Karma and Past Life Occult Readings Love and Sex Other Tarot Cards Soulmates Crystal Ball Family Advice Crowley Cards




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