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Mystic Advisor
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Mystic Advisor


I have been a spiritual healer for over 10 years. I am a natural born healer, who is very intuitive and empathetic. My readings are very powerful and accurate, also my gifts manifested at a very young age. I have helped many people over the years by offering guidance to those who are seeking clarity, and peace of mind in the following areas: love, wellness, relationships, career, and finances. I am very connected to nature and the spirit world. I use these connections to offer you unique and personalized readings. My readings will help you better connect with self, others, and the universe. We all possess a natural healing power, and my readings will help you tap into your natural gifts. My spiritual skills/tools include: tarot cards, energy reading, numerology, dream interpretation, crystals, spiritual aromatherapy, and guided meditation. Looking forwarded to helping you on this journey. Peace, love, and abundance to all.


Over ten years of experience advising other in areas of love, career, wellness, abundance living, balanced living, and business. My readings our intuitive, and I use your energy to interpret messages from the universe to offer enlightenment, growth, and balance. I am empathetic, and I balance hard truths with supportive balanced feedback. I have delivered many accurate readings and I have built a faithful clientele over the years. My advisees continue to work with me because I offer spiritual guidance, and I provide them with spiritual tools that are live changing. I have spent many years developing both self-awareness, and my psychic abilities. This has helped me become in touch with and operate from my higher self, and I have also helped many clients, family members, friends, and associates develop and obtain higher self-living, and ultimate success in many areas of their life. I also have experience with helping others manifest their desires and tune into their own psychic abilities.




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Jun 23, 2023
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