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An Elemental Mindset


This healing space is always open to those who seek it. With a myriad of practices and tools, we can help you find guidance in ANY area you wish. My goal is to provide you with a beneficial and supportive experience. Yes/No questions, relaying messages from deceased loved ones, tarot reads, shadow work, predictive reads, past life reads, protective spiritual advisory, spiritual insight, curse-lifting, personalized affirmations, paranormal exploration, dream analysis, spiritual phenomena interpretation, energetic/chakral assessment, aura reads, and general guidance, are among some of the methods and services I offer. The duty of mediums and healers is not to administer the healing, but to hold space and offer guidance to the person seeking aid. What I offer is a safe and loving space for you as you tune in to the truest essence of yourself, and the universe relays it's message. To help show you the kind of work we can do, I offer you these starting-point questions: -Do you ever feel you have aspects of self affecting you in ways beyond your understanding? - Maybe you're curious about potential hang-ups from past lives, or a spiritual presence in your community or home? -Are you maybe even looking to communicate with a deceased loved one? These are just a few examples of the types of insight we can bring into your life. I work with elemental/universal energy, offering an intuited and heartfelt experience. We CAN and WILL obtain the answers you seek. Let's get started now! :)


Client's will never be condemned to a fate with these reads; instead, we decipher the options of your fate, help you choose your best direction, and actively pursue your vision. I have been fascinated with and practiced many forms of divination since a young age (10+ years). I have been administering tarot reads to loved ones and strangers, face to face and online, for nearly 10 years. (My preferred mode here is chat/messaging, but I am open to others!) This includes general reads like career advice, financial inquiries, and uncovering the intentions of people or forces at play in your life, but my true strength is relaying messages from deceased loved ones. I am unafraid to delve into the darker topics of life, or death, and will always do so upon request. I do not have certified credentials, but I do have entrepreneurial and spiritual experience, which serves as proof of my dedication to this service as a tool and passion. I aim to use this tool of mediumship to help fellow humans to navigate the connections of the unseen and what's beyond.

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