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Sunshine Spirit
Sunshine Spirit
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Sunshine Spirit


As an intuitive-empath and a healer, I will shine the light onto the right path for you and help you gain clarity, so you can fulfill your life’s purpose and live your dream to the fullest. You don’t need to have specific questions. I will tell you everything the universe wants you to know at this stage, using your name & date of birth. I am straight-forward, fast, and accurate in my readings. You may not want to hear everything I will tell you, but I will tell you everything you NEED to hear. It may take me longer than three minutes to complete your reading, so be prepared to set aside some additional time. Willing to spare some free minutes for special needs follow-ups.


I discovered my gifts at a young age through experiences with astral projection and my ability to read people’s energy on a soul-level. From these early experiences, I began developing my gifts of empathy & intuition over the course of my lifetime, and I have been using them to help others over the past 15 years. My specialties are… Crossroads Specialist: In life, sometimes we come to road blocks because we either need to first learn a lesson or we need to change directions. I will use my intuition to guide you as to which one you have come across, then help you through removing the road block or by shining light onto the new path. Love expert: With the ability to tap into your energy, I will go on a soul level to communicate and resolve any difficulty you may be going through, or to let you know exactly how your significant other thinks by tapping into their energy. Other experience: Tarot reading Energy reading Dream Interpretation Bachelor of Science in Psychology




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