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I am a natural born Inutitive Psychic, Empath, Witch, and Medium. I provide readings using my intuition, tarot cards, oracle cards, and charms. I connect with the universe to bring you the answers to your questions, or provide you with spiritual guidance on your journey. I am a High Priestess, and Spiritual Adviser. I communicate honestly, compassionately, and openly. I am a clarvoyant, clarempath, clarsentient, and claraudient individual. I use my connection with my guides to part the vales and bring you the answers you seek


As stated I began on my path at a young age. I fully embraced my gifts when I was 13. For 8 years I practiced reading tarot and doing intuitive readings on friends, family, and friends of friends. I took a break due to life and was off my path for a bit. In 2014 I returned with a new zest for life and knowledge and haven’t looked back since. I encorporate spirituality into everything I do, cooking, cleaning, being a parent. I believe life is for us to learn and grow. To take the lessons learned and better ourselves, those around us, and the universe. I try to walk my talk daily. Sometimes I fail, I get back up and do it again tomorrow. Since 2014 I have been an active online psychic. I do most of my readings via chat, pm, email or text. I do phone and video also. In 2016 I took on my first paying client. I have continued to take payment for readings since as I am now confident in my abilities. I will never claim 100% accuracy, although my reviews say otherwise. I do claim that I am 95%*/- accurate in my readings. I say this because one thing always trumps my cards or energy readings: your free will. Your energies are based on your current circumstances, your choices. Make a change and the cards can change. This is why I try not to do repeat readings more than twice a month. Each choice has a ripple effect some on the same wave length as your previous path, some a whole new. Through the past four years I have seen this occur, and thus state I can only read what’s at the table and immediately around the table. If you change something the Reading can change. Along these lines, I have also learned from experience it is not my job, nor do I want it to be, to tell you how to live. If you ask me should I take this job, my response will be “I cannot tell you what to do only what the energy suggests if you do.” Finally, I see a lot. When someone allows me to connect I see and sometimes have to close doors that they didn’t mean for me to see into. It’s a privacy thing. For this reason I will not do 3rd party readings either unless the person has passed over. It’s too much like Reading a diary without that persons consent. If you want a friend, lover, or family memeber read have them come contact me. It’s safer for them and me this way. I can see their energies through you and tell you how their energies are interacting with yours, but I won’t read them specifically.


very encouraging. connected with her. very helpful, feel encouraged!
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