Storm Dancer


I am a natural born Inutitive Psychic, Empath, Witch, and Medium. I provide readings using my intuition, tarot cards, oracle cards, and charms. I connect with the universe to bring you the answers to your questions, or provide you with spiritual guidance on your journey. I am a High Priestess, and Spiritual Adviser. I communicate honestly, compassionately, and openly. I am a clarvoyant, clarempath, clarsentient, and claraudient individual. I use my connection with my guides to part the vales and bring you the answers you seek


I have 25 years of experience honing my gift, have known of my gifts my entire life, and began embracing them 32 years ago. My first experience as a medium was when i was 18 months old and I remember this. My mother began working with me on healings and psychic development from a very young age. I claimed my path at 6 years old. I began self development both psychically and magickally. I have my own business which i started in 2016 and am a reader in numerous applications and groups on a well known social media Site. I manage over 100 readers, am in charge of assessing individuals gifts, testing them and helping expand. i am a master psychic, master level spell caster, Witch, High Priestess, Medium and Master Energy Worker. I provide mentoring and have helped many people connect with their life purpose, helped reignite the flames of a relationship, and provide guidance in dark moments.

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very encouraging. connected with her. very helpful, feel encouraged!
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