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Hi there and thank you for clicking on my profile’ my name is Stephanie’ I was born with the gift of psychic abilities 

And With just your name and date of birth, I can get in tune with you and your energy’ I inherited my gift at a very young age’ 

I am a 4th generation psychic I can see feel and hear what you are feeling if your feeling lost sad confused etc’ my readings will give you the accuracy and satisfaction you need I’ve helped many people gain peace and clarity throughout these years I am very dedicated and passionate of what I do ‘ I’ve been very blessed and knowing I’m giving someone peace of mind with answers is one of the greatest power I could imagine.

I am a Nonjudgmental psychic I am a very straightforward psychic’ ‘ 

I do tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear’ Don’t hesitate to contact me I look forward into hearing from you’


I noticed that I was different and I started understanding my gift at the age of 9 I notice I could tell peoples energies around me I can sense feel and see if they were happy sad mad confused depressed’ I would approach them and explain what they are feeling and what they were confused about I instantly knew 

I had a psychic ability it runs in my family my great grandfather was a spiritualist and my great grandmother as I grow up I started to know more and how to handle it professionally 

I now have over seven years of experience I love what I do I love that I can help people find their true selves and help guide people on the right path they’re meant to be on I look really forward into hearing from you and I thank you once again

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great reading - quick and too the point
she’s amazing thank you girl so much
she’s aw some! I’ll come back tomorrow. ran out of time…
she was incredibly sweet, intuitive and gave me hope. thank you!!
beautiful reading and I love it!! can’t wait!! I will come back soon !!
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