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If you want to communicate with a compassionate, but very direct psychic, who is always ready to be there for you, with a piece of advice, with kindness but yet to help you understand difficult situations, I am the one for you. I have always preferred honesty, because the truth may sometimes hurt, but is better than a sweet lie which can burn your soul after being discovered. I can help you discover the truth about relationships, read about the messages that the departed have for you, I can help you understand your pets, family issues, etc. All I want from you is to be relaxed, to be calm and understand that I am here to help, and that I will do all my best to use my gift in order to be useful for you, in the best way possible. Every client is a friend.


I have discovered that I have the gift of feeling the future and of actually reading it in cards, when I was 14, when I accidentally predicted something for someone. I have to mention that in my family, on the maternal line, this gift is transmitted, from mother to daughter, etc, and it grows stronger as we age. I can feel energies, I can read cards, interpret dreams, palm read, and also, I channel my energy with the pendulum, and have it answer my questions. Also, I am working with the zodiac. The stars are there to tell us something and I am here to tell you what they say. All I need to know, is, generally, your name and age and exact eye color. Rarely I need to know one's birthrate, but is definitely not a must for me to know. You have to stay assured that I am a very decent and discreet person, meaning that whatever you will decide to share with me, will stay between you and me only. Your privacy is important for me, as it is mine. Let us find the answers together!!

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Don’t really know as the reading didn’t last long and I can’t afford to top up
thank you speak again soon❤️❤️❤️❤️
thank you Stella. I see your point
I hear you Stella, but there’s also something to be said about not having fear, so that we can attract what we need to eventually transform. I don’t see myself as above, but am certainly using the universe to send out a call. thank you for the reading
very acurate
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