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My name is Stelios and I am a tarot card reader.
I specialize in love and relationship matters.
However, together we will discuss anything that worries you concerning love affairs career and finance.

The way that I use my tarot cards can differ from the usual spreads. And that way, using a full deck spread, I get to see people and situations in someone's life, thus being able to give much more detailed information and answers on what is happening and what is going to happen.

Connecting to my cards gives me the opportunity to guide you through your problems and challenges.
I tend to be empathetic and get myself in other people's shoes. But that doesn't mean I am going to sugarcoat the situation.

What I say in my readings is what I get from the cards and the connection I create with them. So you can expect to have the truth as it is given to me through my tarot cards.


I have been working as a tarot reader for quite some years now.
I started off by doing readings for myself. Once I realized the power of this kind of divination I decided to take it further.

I studied many books on tarot cards. However, after a while, I realized that there was no point, cause I had already started to get meanings that couldn't be found in books.

That's when I understood the deeper connection I had created and that my intuition was in touch with the energy my tarot cards emit.

I began doing readings for people I didn't even know before and they were amazed by the information I could acquire... and so was I.

Little by little I started to create my own client list. By now I have managed to work as a freelancer and also cooperate with more than 5 companies that provide psychic services internationally.

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