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Stay True
Stay True
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Stay True


My name is Stay True, I'm a spiritual reader. I have been aware of my spiritual guidance since childhood at an early age. 🌟

I am able to connect with friends and family members on a spiritual level to help them align with their physical reality. I have been on the spiritual path for 11 years now and I am pursuing a divine feminine halfway. 

I am also taking courses and continuing my studies on soulmate Journey, soul Connections and Twin Flames. I believe in keeping a balanced Mind, Body and Soul by eating healthy and exercising. I am involved in meditation and also mental check-in with close friends who are also pursuing a journey such as mine. 🌠

I am an understanding and honest reader. I am aware that I have clients that come to me with real situations and real questions. Please be aware that these are spiritual readings and sometimes it does not always fully align with our physical reality. 

If you are layered to chat with me, I am sure you would take in the information that is meant for your greater good. I also understand that this is an experience so I am thankful. 😇


My experience as a reader has been absolutely inspiring. I have taken courses on Soul connections and I have learned a lot from mentors and other readers. 

I am aware of love and life as lessons. I tried to connect more with my relationships with others, their jobs, love life and also faded interactions. My clients are important to me and I believe that it's always got it for me to receive or give any answers, or clarity that is being given to me honestly. 

I decided to pursue this spiritual journey due to my curiosity in the signs in the synchronicities, and the cycles that I was going through in my life. I want to improve and be involved in any way towards my heart's desire. I have always been interested in science and the planet, and I'm also doing more studies when it comes to astrology, and how we can align to our soul's purpose. 🌓🌔🌑🌠

If you are interested in starting your own spiritual journey, I can definitely help. I specialize in love and soulmate readings, and I can definitely help with singles and dating,  life questions, career, or check in on improvements with your finances. 

For clients that are interested and reading, please provide your first name and your question with clear intentions. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you! 🔮👐

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