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Hi! I have been on a long spiritual journey that has originated in Eastern Europe, Greece and Egypt. I first started my Studies when I was a little girl studying the cards and western astrology. I am a fire sign with a rising sign of the water element. My destiny card is the six of clubs which is the psychic card and so my destiny is to be a psychic. That element is the air element which is known to be intellectual and intuitive paired with my water rising sign. I speak your languages and have studied and worked as a psychic healer in twenty countries. I have fifteen years total work experience as a psychic and have mostly worked with people in the communications, food, arts and spiritual industries.


I am offering Rider Waite tarot card readings and psychic readings based on the destiny cards system, the I--Ching, numerology, the gene keys, the Osho Zen tarot deck and the Crowley deck. I am a certified herbalist and reiki master with over 31 years worth of experience in the psychic arts. I also have my Associate of Arts degree. My destiny card is a six of clubs which is the psychic/intuitive card. I am originally from Romania where I gained experience with gypsy divination methods which include the 52 deck of playing cards, tea leaf reading and palmistry. I have traveled to twenty different countries perfecting my psychic intuitive abilities such as France, Spain. Portugal, Egypt, Morocco, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. I have lived in 5 different states in the United States as well(Hawaii, Vermont, New York and California.

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