StarSilvia's readings are mostly psychic and intuitive. She may receive channeled messages meanwhile she explores the cards and the energy for the querent. Together with her own Oracle deck She also love to use the traditional deck Rider-Waite-Smith for a deeper understanding of the energies involved. StarSilvia explores for You topics such as: love & relationships; personal development; spiritual guidance; decision making ...and others according to Your needs.


StarSilvia created her own Oracle deck to share the Oracle Guidance with the World. She does readings for individuals and couples. She works with private clients online on Zodiac Psychics and hosts an online show during which she shares publicly her readings. Silvia also works with the Moon phases and she does readings for the New and Full Moon.

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not enough answers telling me to work on myself I don't understand why....I ask something and the answer is otherwise waste of money
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