Are you lost? Worried? I help you find the way, and brighten your day! My readings help you understand yourself better, as well as others important to you, so you know who you are and where you are going in relation to other people. Astrology takes the worry away because you foresee what is coming and prepare better. Are you frustrated with your romantic partner? My astrological advice helps you see how compatible you really are, or how you may overcome obstacles to intimacy. All this my astro based advice will give you, so let's do it!


For nearly forty years I have studied astrology. My psychic exploration has led me into Tarot as well, and getting a Master's degree in psychology. Astrology has been very powerful in helping me counsel. Fifteen of my articles on astrological topics have been published, and my articles, The Tarot as a Tool for Raising Consciousness, and, The Language of the Stars, have also been published, have had many thousands of reades, 68,219 for the latter!

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