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Hi there my name is a psychic star! I am a natural-born psychic medium which means this ability was gifted not taught. My specialty is love and relationships but that does not belittle me from the rest of my ability in all walks of life! When connecting with me expect a safe and true environment I am here to express the truth and guide you to your correct path wherever that may lead you. With 15 years of working all over the world in this field professionally, I have seen the ups and downs and have always tried to follow through with the best advice/guidance I can offer. like I mentioned my ability is natural born but I did have assistance from those around me including my aunt and my mentor. They both helped me come to light my ability and took me under her wing to understand and grow. We all have worked in many places trying to help many people from all walks of life. I hope you are next!


My first memory of being a psychic started at age 8 when I was able to see feel and sense things on a higher note than those around me. one day specifically I recall one of my classmates was going through troubling times at home and was unable to speak on the issues. I asked about what it was and she looked at me as if I was a ghost and denied all accusations. about a week later she had to move schools due to her parents splitting and I was in awe over what I was able to sense. Since the beginning of my professional career, I always knew what I wanted to do my aunt as well as my mentor laura helped guide me to my light my ability was natural-born but I did study more to be able to grow my ability to what it is today. with over 15 years of now professional experience and over 25 years being in this field, I can say I do feel I mastered the ability to guide those on the path that is correct for them!

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