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Compassionate, honest, insightful advice on relationships, career, love, sex, addiction, phobias and spiritual matters. As a Life Coach and Spiritual Counsellor who knows how to listen, my work is a blend of intuition, wisdom and personal experience. I'll teach you how to tap into your inner resources, unleash your latent creative power, get to the underlying causes of your problems and set yourself free. I am blessed with the ability to stand back, view the big picture, and behold the hand of God behind all human activity.


There are many different ways to look at humans. Jean-Pierre looks beyond the human face and beholds the sweet grace glowing in each and every heart. Humans are multi-dimensional beings and he views all aspects; physical, emotional, mental and psychic through a spiritual lens. Jean-Pierre is an adept listener and has been a Life Coach and Spiritual Counsellor for 27 years. His work is a blend of intuition, knowledge, compassion and personal experience. Jean-Pierre believes that life is precious and is a gift from God; therefore, all life is worthy of respect and love.


Helped me to see what I need in life. Positive reading.
I will follow all your advices, wise sir :) Thank you for your guidance. I hope it will help me one day
Thank you, Star Juno, i heard your advice.
Star Juno brought back my self-confidence in just 4 minutes.
Thank you for your advice. I think i already knew the answer
Thank you.... :(
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