Welcome everyone, Mia here. Much love and light to you. I am a 5th generation psychic. I come from a long line of spiritual workers. I have over 13+ years experience. I specialize in love, relationship, job, money, family, twim flames, soulmates, past lives, spells, rituals, time frames and many many more. I am here to give you clairty and understanding in whatever matter you may have at hand. I am here to help you understand your issues and problems so that it makes decision making easier. I tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear! I am 100% straight forward with no sugar coating. so come with me now and lets explore your future.


At 12 days old I was given spirits by an Indian pundit. I would have spirits come to me, as I got older I learned to control an channel my gifts. I also started meditating and grounding myself, at the age of 23 I bought my first tarot deck and started reading for friends and family that needed insight and clarity. I then started working in a storefront doing readings and many different spells and rituals. I love helping others and showing them that the universe is vast, full of life and full of great stories. God showed me how to use my gifts and I will continue to use them to help others that are not always able to help themselves. I am first a human being an then a reader, I love connecting with others too and understanding what feelings and emotions they may be going through.

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accurate, honest and straightforward:)
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