Stacy Garcia


Welcome. My name is Stacy. I occupy myself with reading the tarot, reading the oracle and reading the runes. I also do magical influences, reading dreams, astral travel. I will be happy to help you in any situation: relationships, love, career, money. I will help with the solution of any problem, make the right choice. I can influence you and your loved ones: attract love, money, solve the problem, put protection, clean your energy and so on. I do not deal with negative influences. I will help you understand your dream, and so I can give advice on astral travel.


Almost 10 years I have been engaged in esotericism. It all started with tarot cards when I got into a difficult situation. From the first day, maps have become an indispensable assistant in my life. Later I was thrown into the astral, which also helped and helped me in my life. Then I started to practice magic because the negative on the energy was the hindrance of all failures. I began to cleanse myself, to work and fell in love with this business. Over time, I began to understand dreams, engage in bioenergetics and medium. I work with people for 6 years. By this time I had gained a great magical, fortunetelling and astral experience. I give advice on dreams and astral, I can pull into the astral. I will help you in any situation, except to put a negative impact on other people.

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Gave me names on our first chat, seems a bit connected, but very slow.
great reading!!! thanks
accurate, straightforward, honest and right to the point:)
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