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Spiritual Serena
Spiritual Serena
Life Coaching
Spiritual Serena


Welcome to my page here on Zodiac Psychics! 😊

My name is Serena and I have inherited the gift of clairvoyance, I am a professional tarot card reader, spiritual healer and lightworker. I guide in all matters of life and specialize in all things about love and romance.💕

I am a non-judgmental advisor and I am here to tune into your situation, listen carefully and provide insight accurately.
I am a fast typist. I have trained and combined my unique gift and interests of spirituality to help connect with those, no matter where you might be in the world.

My readings and insights are based on your aura, your vibrations, your chakras and your overall energy. I tell you what you need to hear, not just what you may want to hear. I am open-minded and a firm believer that my gifts are to help others tune into their own gift.

•Are you going through a hard time with a loved one?💔
•Are you wondering what they may be feeling or thinking?💭
•Is there a financial blockage or are you confused about career?🎭
•Is there a family or friendship issue at hand and you just don't know who to talk to?😢

Put an end to sleepless nights and have a chat with me today! I am here to not only answer these questions but to help you be able to dive deep into your own spiritual side as well.  🌓


I am a third generationally gifted Psychic Advisor with over 12 years of experience guiding others to clarity and I proudly share the gift of Clairvoyance which helps me not only see, but hear and feel the energy of you and those around you as well. I have successfully mastered the talent of being able to connect with people via phone calls, messaging and in person. I have always felt connected to people, energy, and even pets around me in a deeper way. 🔮

At the age of 18, I knew I wanted this to be my full time job and I have successfully opened my own business along with helping online and internationally to people all over the world. I am a nonjudgmental and open minded psychic advisor, and no situation is too big or too small for me to give you clarity on. 🌠

Talking to me is going to be straightforward, compassionate and like talking to an old friend. Often, people are too clouded by their own judgment and seek a helping hand from the universe and their spiritual side, and I believe I was put into this world just for that reason. To not only give clarity but open doors of spirituality and mentor those who think it is not possible! 🌟




Oct 4, 2022
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