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Intuitive Katie
Intuitive Katie
Love & Relationships
Intuitive Katie


I am warmhearted, kind, gentle, and empathetic. My readings differ slightly based on the nature of your situation. For love readings, I first get a read on your energy levels and attune myself to your needs as a person and how it pertains to love. I then attune myself to your partner or person whom you feel attraction to. I tell you his/her thoughts, feelings, desires, and behaviors and why they are acting the way that they are. I try to be gentle in my assessment, but I never hold back from the truth. I don't sugarcoat things. I will help you see your situation in a new light, like for example maybe she/he is afraid of commitment or holding back from expressing how he/she feels. I am here to answer the questions you have for me, whether they are simple or complex. I am here to guide you. If your situation pertains to the spirit world, I will get a reading on the otherworldly being in your life and channel the energy and feeling of the being in a way that is safe. I will explain how the being is behaving and the motivation for their behavior. Spirits are more simple than some believe, and I am here to explain in more detail what they are yearning for. If it career and financial advice you are seeking, then I will give insight into your current career and financial situation and offer advice on how you can improve, what moves you should take next, and what your current skills are as it pertains to your job. I will guide you on issues relating to finances and financial security by providing you gentle advice on the best move for you going forward. I study and utilize astrology, both Eastern and Western, and I use it as a way to determine the best way to go moving forward. Astrology gives us a useful guide on what we should be doing and what we shouldn't be doing in our lives. I will use astrology to guide you and advise you on the next move in your life. If your soul seeks a spiritual reading, I will read your energy from deep within, beyond the surface level to give you a reading on what your soul needs. I will tell you how your aura feels, and how you can better rejuvenate your aura and self. When cleansing your aura, it will be a very subtle form of guidance. You will notice you feel better and safer in my presence because I radiate gentleness and warmth. I will help focus you back on the life path you should be attuned to. Depending on the situation, I may utilize tarot. I use tarot of various types and I read them intuitively, because I feel tarot can have many different meanings and ways to utilize it in any given situation. I love to give in depth readings, using my creative mind and energy to entirely focus on finding the answers you need. I also am deeply attuned to animals, familiars, and spirit guides that are animals. I had a familiar named Robo, he passed away in 2017, and when he passed away I heard a meow from outside the building. I knew then tat he was peacefully entering the spirit world and let go of his pain. I have a close bond to animals and can feel what they are feeling. I also may analyze your dreams. Our dreams are a window to our soul, and I am here to tell you how it is speaking to you. Our dreams are movies for our subconscious mind, with imagery and symbolism needing to be analyzed. And I love to analyze dreams because they frequently give good insight into our fears, anxieties, and true feelings about things. All in all, I have the tools to help you with the obstacles and situations that you are going through, and I am ready to help make your life better. Remember, you have it within yourself to create the positive change you long for in your life, and I will help set you on the right path.


By late August, I will receive all the following certifications/diplomas: All reiki certifications and attunements (level 1, 2, & Master Level), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner certificate, certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Meditation Guide, Certification of Angel Healing (enabling me to be an Angelic Healing Practitioner), Certified Aromatherapy Diploma, Chakra Healing Certification, Hypnotherapy Certification, and I will become a Certified Life Coach All these skills will help me to be better adviser to you. I look forward to providing you the guidance and coaching you seek I was born with a gift, a profoundly mystical gift that allows me to read the energies of people and environments. I can feel the energy in places and things, and analyze it. I use this special awareness to give readings and add insight to situations to allow others to gain a deeper understanding of their lives. I have been told that I glow, I make my calming presence known and I could make anyone feel at ease with my calming and guiding energies. I am a natural intuitive who enjoys helping others with issues as they pertain to love, breakups, divorce, marriage, family, childbirth, death, grief, mental well being, physical well being, spiritual well being, LGBTQ+ issues, career issues, financial issues, spirit guides, ghosts and the paranormal, and many more. I can sense otherworldly beings, and I have explored haunted places to better attune myself to the feelings of the dead. I realized how much my gift can help others and impact people's lives in positive ways. I get a surge of energy and positivity upon giving readings because I know it is my destiny to give readings to you, to help you with the obstacles you have in life. I give extremely valuable insight, clarity, time frames, and my goal is to be a positive turning point in your life. My intent is to mark the start of a positive ripple effect across all aspects of your life by telling you what is wrong, and what your options are from here. You can expect my intuition to guide you, truthfully and without sugarcoating. My goal is to be a candle in the darkness, a healer and guider.

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