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I am an empath, intuitive, spiritual healer, seer, mystic. I sense spirits, or energies. I use my intuition and senses, as well as I receive visions, to help people to find the answers that they need. I can hear or sense the answers and messages that your angels need for you to be aware of at this time. I use a pendulum, Angel Cards, Tarot, as well as other cards to receive the important messages that you are seeking, or need to know. The connection that we have can become very healing, as you are gaining clarity and even the exact confirmations as to what you are feeling, yet needed someone to spiritually guide you. I help you to remove blocks on Love, money, success. I can help you heal in your emotions, or release fears. Sometimes people just need an ear. Also, I believe in confidentiality, and listening without judgement. I understand that everyone has their own path. I am able to pick up on the intentions of those around you. I can pick up on the intentions of any working with you, bosses, any agendas hidden. I can even help you to know what’s really going on with those you may be dating, but you may have doubts about. Let me help you. Now, the way that I do this for you, is I am often able to feel the emotions, thoughts, and motives of the person your heart is close to, as in dating. I can tell you if they are sincere about the connection, or not. This can protect you from wasting a lot of time. I can also help you to know if the wait is worth it. I can tell you if the person that you truly love and care for, will match your commitment level. I am able to go into the hearts or minds of who is for or even secretly against you. I can tell you who to be careful around, and who not to share information with. I also can help you to know if your business will flourish, what the obstacles are, and if you need to be aware of any team members actions, motives, and if they are most beneficial to the endeavor or venture that you are embarking upon. If you want the truth, with compassion, from some one that really cares about the heart of people, I am your Spiritual Guide.


I have 15+ years in experience of helping many people in confidential, one-on-one sessions. I have done so via the phone, as well as online. I have privately provided Spiritual Guidance for many leaders in the spiritual community, and business owners- as they often have no one to confide in, or they feel blocked in receiving important answers. For over 15 years, I have been an ear, as well as provided answers to clients that find me to be very dependable. The messages, predictions, prophecies, angel messages, and, yes- even warnings, as well, come to pass. I have been a reliable Spiritual Guidance source for many, young and old, and even for those that are in fields that I have not worked in, at all. The reason for this is, I have depended upon the supernatural for my understanding, answers, and any wisdom. I have helped many couples or singles, in love. I have been through a lot as well, and I know that it has helped me, so that I can help others. I have helped to protect people, just by identifying who or what is not safe around their life. I have also encouraged many authors, doctors, artists, independent and local musicians, to pursue their dreams. These people are living in their Purpose, right now, and they are, in fact, successful.

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Apr 28, 2021
shes great-- awesome read! thanks hun
Jun 14, 2019
Amazing!!! ?
May 28, 2019
I appreciate you. great talk. still lost but not on you. it’s the poi
Mar 19, 2019
the best thank you! sorry I ran out of find
Mar 16, 2019
such an amazing read! she seems sooo accurate!
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