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Spirit Moon


Known for predicting the future in major life events. Practice on healing energies. Guidance on relationships, career, family life, how to overcome it all. I used tarot cards and other tools. I well-known for dream reading and clairvoyance.I have predicted New Orleans flood, Boston Marathon, Japan Tsunami, Bangladesh building collapse and many more. In all cases a spirit visit me and show me weeks before on where and how these events would take place. To gain understanding; to act with patience and humility; to assist others in any way I can; to ground higher consciousness to the earth. Each person &  spirit projects a vibe, that I am able to see, feel, & hear.


I'm honest and compassion. I will show you how to ask the universe to live a happy life. Dreams are a way to tell ourselves that we are still capable of bringing happiness in our lives. Never stop dreaming. Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Medium/Channel (contact with the other side) High Priestess to The Moon Knowledge of Crystals, the Power of Color, Chanting


Beautiful energy indeed
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