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I'm a clairvoyant who likes to help people solve their problems. I see strong images in my mind that show me the direction a client needs to take in order to resolve their problems. I can help you by showing you clarity so that you understand your situation. My advice will get you through tough times as I offer empathetic listening and compassion Together with my tarot cards, I will show you how to do it. How to heal any relationship or move forward. I've worked for over ten years at a live psychic shop and have given many readings to people in person. My years of experience can enhance your life by simply using my gifts as a source of comfort and clarity. I use compassionate listening and empathy to truly "feel" your situation in order to give you the best outcomes.


I've been a "live" psychic working privately and have had thousands of returning clients in the past ten years. I have provided "live" tarot readings in many special events through out the years. I feel it is my destiny to be psychic as I myself have endured many situations in my own life that have literally paved the way for me towards empathy. I often council people who are experiencing deep grief and direct them towards a more peaceful beautiful life. My mission is to empower and heal through love compassion with my psychic gifts from God. I have always felt a special connection with the source of life and felt as if my gifts were given to me for a higher purpose. That purpose is to serve humanity.


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