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You can trust me to give you quick, accurate and honest answers to your most pressing relationship and life questions. You will appreciate that I am calm, direct, and get to the point of what you are attempting to find out. I will give you the details you need with as much depth as you might desire, while being completely personable, professional and empathetic to you. I am a student of Spirituality and have experience with Taoist, Zen and Hindu systems. I use Tarot, I Ching, Astrology, and Dream Interpretation to get a view on what you are attempting to solve or answer in your life. I am most experienced in all matters of love and relationship and have a lot of experience learning and growing in these areas. I am able to give you answers, time tables, and impressions quickly and accurately, but I also am talented at helping you to take control of your own power and abilities! Come talk to me now!


I have been doing Tarot and Divination work for a very long time. I have read in many modalities and bring a lot of knowledge, experience, and direction to a reading for you. I have helped countless people to come to realizations in their life or to embrace change that transforms them to be stronger, happier, and more at peace. I am most experienced with the Rider-Waite Smith deck as well as the I Ching and Astrology. I have internalized the symbols and wisdom of the Tarot and rely on my intuition during a reading. I can pick up on your energy easily as well as the energy of others in a way that helps you to become empowered and savvy in your relationships. I take uncertainty and anxiety and turn it into confidence and peace. My spiritual connection and the quiet I have cultivated for a very long time, makes me a perfect space for your concerns to be heard and for an answer from the spirit realm to be specifically designed and communicated for and to you. I am very comfortable behind the Tarot cards and this comfort allows me to be very accurate and detail oriented in a way that will surprise, amaze and delight you!

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