Hello and welcome! I am Nicholas and I am offering readings with a very high accuracy, making use of my clairesentient and empath abilities, but also with the use of certain tools like crystals, tarot, pendulum, astrology, in order to get all of your questions answered. I will answer your questions related to your love and sex life, marriage, relationship, partner. I have been a psychic since I can remember, born with the ability to feel other peoples energies, and this has enabled me to be of real help for others, pointing them the right direction in a certain situation. Every person is unique, and so is every reading. You will get customized advice according to your case specifically, and this is going to make the reading with me, the best money/quality ratio. I can help reunite lovers, marriages, and can also point out soulmate connections, twin flame relations, and anything related to your life in general, and love life especially. I look forward to meet you here on Zodiacpsychics!


I am a natural born empath, intuitive reader, I tap in on energies that sorround you, and asses the energy you send out, and also the energy you are recieving from specific persons. I have been helping others with my service for more then 12 years, time during wich I have offered with very high accuracy thousands of readings. My experience consists in energy reading, clairesentience, tarot, numerology, pendulum, crystal reading, empathy,making use of combinations between them, in order to ensure the best result for you. I have thousands of satisfied customers, each of them unique and with an unique situation, and so far I have helped lovers reunite, marriages to overcome barriers and live happier, couples to find out about the intentions of their partner, finding out about cheating partners, and many more specific situations! I look forward to work together on embettering your life!

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the most amazing person I have ever met, if only I took your advice and listened to you years ago I wouldn't be back to the beginning of my situation as you said I would be! I am so glad to see you Nicholas you are just so awesome! I could talk to you forever!!! I'll be back to update u and seek guidance again you're always so accurate and can see clearly thanks for being so connected and patient and caring with me! much love on my end. THANK YOU !
I’m speechless how actuate you are . you’re amazing and thank you so much for the positive energy ... will definitely be back
thank u
thank you
temonia simon
pls send the remaing reading or i hope u can send me mins. thank u
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