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Love and Relationship Specialist with over a decade of experience!! With my wonderful gift, I will show you the truth and help you see the obstacles which may be holding your relationship or love life back. I am here to help resolve all your life problems from Love, Relationships, Soul Purpose and to those who suffer from loneliness, to those who want to change their relationships or situation but don't know how too. I am passionate about helping people see their truth and their inner light. I'm a Psychic Soul Reader and work on an energetic level, I've been working online for myself and also some of the leading psychic companies worldwide. I'm from Yorkshire in a beautiful part of England and for over a decade I've run my heart-centered connecting to spirit and helping to shine a light on my client's path and giving them answers to all their questions. I tune into the situation and person and being an empath I can sense and feel what the person is thinking and feeling which gives you a better understanding of your relationships. I work with spirit guides to give you a clear understanding of the situation. I'm also a clairvoyant and work with a range of Clair senses from hearing to seeing spirit too. I love to work with Tarot and Oracle Cards and have a wonderful collection of cards. My readings are always given in a non-judgmental manner and are honest and caring. My readings focus on the situation now and I will always tell you the truth without sugar coating your reading. I'm also a Reiki Master Healer and teach all levels of Reiki and have taught 100's of people all over the world, I always send healing with each of my readings to you and the situation. I also offer Soul cleansing, Aura and Chakra rebalancing. As a certified Life Coach I am here to help assist you in solving your problems along with my spirit guides. I don't offer readings on Legal, Health or Pregnancy. I am down to earth straight talking and compassionate. I welcome all questions in all areas of our life and will always be guided by my spirit guides as well as using a range of tool. So if you're looking for an understanding of the person or situation and need clarity on the obstacles your facing then I look forward to answering your questions today.


I have been working with spirit full time for over a decade and I run my heart-centred business from my therapy room in beautiful Yorkshire in England. I soon realised that I need to move part of my business to working online and now I feel so privileged to be able to offer my psychic readings online to my worldwide customers. I offer accurate, non-judgmental and down to earth readings which are straight to the point but caring and nurturing. I am a naturally born empath psychic and as a child, I was always fascinated with everything magical and learnt to journey into the unknown as a young child. As I got older I was able to work with this energy and I'm passionate about helping people by giving honest and caring readings direct from the heart. I've been helping clients for over a decade and also support and teach people how to grow their spiritual awareness. I also teach Reiki Healing too. I'm a certified psychic and tarot reader plus life coach and it's very important to me to expand my knowledge so I can support people to the best of my ability. I'm passionate about helping all my clients lead a happier and content life with the one they love. I am also very connected with the Goddess energy and I channel her energy in a lot of my readings to give you empowering readings I also hold sacred circles in my local town to help bring women closer to their true self and soul purpose. Please feel free to share your problem or situation with me and the clearer your questions the clearer your answer. I am also happy to work with you to remove negative energy and raise your energy by clearing and cleansing your Aura and then offering you deep soul healing. I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

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