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20 years experience with psychic and tarot reading. I specialize in love and relationships, my greatest joy is reuniting soulmates and helping people find and recognize their one true love. I use my own psychic abilities and tarot cards to connect with you and to guide you through whatever questions or concerns you may have. I've also helped many people through career dilemmas and connecting with people from their past. Meditation and prayer is very important to me in connecting with my clients as well as healing them through spiritual imbalances.I have also helped many people with discovering, understanding and truly connecting with their own clairvoyance. This is something which is very difficult to go through alone, so I am very happy to help you through the process.


Third generation psychic. I realized my clairvoyance at the age of 8 and was taught and trained by my grandmother to tune into the visions I was having and understand what they meant exactly. Connecting spiritually with a person was something that came naturally to me and using tarot cards to clarify things and get more detail was something that helped me finally be able to channel my abilities into helping others. I have helped many people throughout the years with love and relationship questions, finding their soulmate or guiding them back to them was something I found the most joy in. I’ve also helped many with career dilemmas and connecting with people from their past as well as past life readings themselves. I need only your name and DOB to fully connect with you and give you the answers you’ve been looking for. I can help you, please contact me today.

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I love Sophia.. She’s the Best Reader her.. Much Love and Gratitude!!
can you please finish?
Definitely enjoyed my reading today. I’ve waited a while to finally get ahold of Sophia and she was great! very accurate, very honest, and so sweet! I’ll definitely have to come back :) thank you so much for all of the positive insight! you are amazing!!
excellent , accurate and straightforward:)
very lovely to talk too! very nice lady! run out of funds but was happier that I got it all out! you answered all my questions
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