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Questions answered!!! Greetings beautiful people... Thank you for connecting with me. I work and divine with a wonderful loving spirit guide named Sophia. Sophia is the mother of the light and can help with answering any persons question and not only getting the answer to the question in full but also a map of the overall situation, which is the key to unlocking your fullest potential as a soul. The flavor of each reading is wisdom, kindness, and love. My main tool is the tarot in which upon entering, you will be asked to choose a specific deck and be invited to begin with any question. The best question to start with is the one that is most present and active for you. The one that matters most to your soul, through which all other questions connect and can be addressed. Dream interpretation, soul contact, healing work, relationships, awakening gifts, talents and abilities, and consciousness expansion are my specialties. Thank you!!!


I have been reading tarot for over 26 years now. I was lucky to learn from many traveling professionals of the tarot and healing arts in a multitude of arenas and faiths. I was biblically raised thus giving me a comprehensive understanding of Christian theology but was psychically driven for which my global appetite savored in traveling the world learning from shaman, witches, story keepers, monks, high priestess and studying from masters of kinesiology and the healing arts in ongoing and miraculous adventures. I currently offer professional readings as well as teach the tarot and offer healing work and source sessions. As a professional diviner, I have done more readings than I can count. Most readings are one hour and are at the core, life changing. Sophia is wisdom, love, and guidance and the tarot I work with allows for the story of each person's life to be both reflected upon and harnessed in full. Thank you!!!

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