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Sophia Angel
Sophia Angel
Sophia Angel


Quick, frank and straightforward, blunt details, past, present and future readings. I can do both tarot and clairvoyance. Timings is my specialty. I can also help you manifest the things that you want to happen into your life.Break the infidelity, never ending lies, identifying the type of the person that you’re dealing with and learning to curb down more disaster, making that person love you and appreciate you more without any spells or extras.Plus not just this, I can also read your loveone’s mind and bend their thoughts away from distraction, temptations or dark ruins that could destroy your life and happiness’ potentials.I don’t sugarcoat nor tell what you wanted to hear. I will tell you first what I can see, then explain the connection or relevance later on.All I need is your NAME & DOB and same for the other person and i don’t do GENERAL READINGS. Please allow at least 15mins of reading for all of your questions to be answered.


Member of Parasychological Association, US ChapterMaster Tarot card reader Master Clairvoyant Remote Viewing and medical intuitive Divination expert Getting back an ex or stopping an infidelity without any SPELLS!
17 years of continuous practice and expertise in the fields of parapsychology, psychoanalysis, divination, energy PK, strong clairvoyance, manifestation energy, medical intuitive, remote viewing, mind reading, mind bending, future manifestations and alteration.

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Family Advice Parents & Children Mind Reading Astrology Channeling Karma and Past Life Numerology Clairvoyance Cheating and Affairs Crystal Ball Psychic Reading Spiritual Reading Dating Advice Relationship Problems Breakup & Divorce Other Tarot Cards Soulmates & Twin Flames Love & Relationships Rider Waite Cards




Nov 25, 2015
Very complete reading from Sophia! Would recommend her to anyone :)
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